Club Info/FAQ's



I WILL show respect to fellow athletes, parents, coaches, and officials at all times. 

I WILL NOT ridicule, put down, or gossip about other athletes, coaches, officials, or parents. 

I WILL adhere to the rules and judgments of the coaches/officials. 

I WILL NOT use language that is improper or indecent. 

I WILL stay current with all school assignments to ensure my eligibility to participate in track and field events. 

I WILL attend practice and meets prepared and having the appropriate equipment necessary to train and compete (shoes, spikes, implements, warm-ups, etc.) 

THE COACHES WILL use their discretion when determining the events that I will compete in and I will not complain.  I will remember that they are human and are using their best judgment. 

I WILL inform the team of my absence from practice or track meets. 

I WILL NOT instruct from the sidelines unless asked to by the coach. 

I WILL respect all facilities made available so that I may participate in all track meets. 

I WILL respect the officials and their authority during events. 

I WILL adhere to all parking requirements at meets and practice facility.

​                     *****I WILL ALWAYS HAVE FUN*****